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The Centre is at 200-202 Gillies Ave, Epsom, opposite Melville Park. It originally had the whole site to the corner of Kimberley Rd, until the Epsom Kindergarten was built in 1995. The entrance to the carpark is still from Kimberly Rd. Motorway access is simple from both the Gillies Ave offramp and the Greenlane interchange, as proximity to Balmoral Rd offers easy crosscity travel.


This Community Centre opened on the 1st April 1982 as the result of community lobbying for a local meeting place. The site had been bought by the old Epsom Roads Board in 1902 and a pumping station constructed. They also built a small stone house for a Water Board employee. During the Depression, relief workers turning a lava field into Melville Park, used the local stone to build a second stone building and constructed stone walls around the site. The council then used it as a Public Works Depot. Once it was declared surplus to requirements, the local Community Committee managed to persuade the Council that it was the most suitable site for a community centre.