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The Campbell room is a small, meeting focussed room excellent for meetings or get-togethers of up to 10 people. The room has good natural and artifical lighting and a range of ammentities to support its users. Exclusive entrace/exit (24/7) and free parking facilities are just infront of the room.

Other Facilities include:

  • Tables  (can be configured as required)
  • Seating (can be configured as required)
  • Drink/coffee facilities available
  • Whiteboard
  • Projectable surface
  • Heating
  • Good power connectivity (for laptops, projectors etc.)
  • Telephone

The Campbell room looks out over the front garden area of the centre towards Gillies Avenue. We have a variety of users including clubs & societies. It is also a good option for commercial usage for those who require a large meeting facility. Being in a solid stone structure with modern lining, the acoustics are excellent with virtually no disturbance from the world around.